Shanna Hamilton, a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, owner and Art Instructor of Kids Art Studio Vancouver Island. 
Her works have been on display and for sale around the country in galleries such as Sooke Fine Arts show, Coast Collective Art Gallery, Windrush Gallery, Niagara Falls Historic Exhibition Centre, The Red Ribbon Exhibition, The Gatsby Mansion, Cleopatra's Bedroom, The Royal BC Museum gift shop gallery and more. She has competed in 3 Art Battle events at the Victoria Events Centre, making her way to the finals. To date, Hamilton has created 100's of paintings, over 25 wall murals, and has taught over 2500 students in her after school art programs.

In 2010, Hamilton began collaborating with organizations supporting at-risk youth and low income families and native communities to implement and provide creative art programs that would allow personal development and social adaptability. She was responsible for the art curriculum and programming, mentoring, grant writing and submissions, communications between organization, parent and youth, reports and providing a safe and welcoming environment, as well as teaching the programs.  She quickly realized this was her calling, to promote creativity throughout the community she lived in. Her goal was to expose as many individuals as possible to the artistic world.  Hamilton did some research and developed an after school art program to teach throughout school district 62 and it was a success.  It brought together the community in a creative capacity that was both diverse and inspiring to so many. Following and during this five year venture came many more opportunities and she was thrilled to see thousands of students and people of all ages become engaged in the arts through her programs, volunteer work and ambition. 

Since then, Hamilton has obtained a diploma in Graphic Design which includes art history, fine arts, life drawing, sculpting, painting, 3D design, perspective drawing, computer graphics and applications, photography, innovative design and advertising. Throughout her artistic career she has collaborated with recreation and community centres, independent living, school districts, grant organizations such as ARTSTARTS and many other organizations, to inspire and offer art programs to youth and anyone who held an interest in the arts. She has directed community art programs and led art shows and galleries. Hamilton has sat on art councils and has been involved with community art events and projects, as artist and director.

When it comes to the arts Hamilton has ambition, passion and a willingness to see a project through.  She has experience being the artist and the director, the student and the teacher. She believes that we are given skills and experiences in our life to bring us to where we need to be.