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Gorge Vale Golf Club February 2019
Victoria Golf Club Holiday Event December 2018
WindRush Art Gallery, Victoria BC

Year: 2016

Featured Artist: Shanna Hamilton

Rainbow Lion 36x40' on canvas

Art Battle, Victoria BC

Year: 2015-2016

Featured Artist: Shanna Hamilton

Artist guidelines: 6 Artists, 20 minutes, 3 rounds, using only paint and brushes

Hamilton was selected to enter an art competition called Art Battle, only 20 artists are chosen. Her first competition she made it through to final round, painting a rainbow lion and a mermaid portrait. She later painted a small series of these pieces, and one of each onto a large canvas. The larger pieces were displayed at Windrush Gallery (Victoria BC) for the opening gala.

She returned twice the next year and had fun with each battle. The second battle she chose a purple octopus and the third, a sugar skull. 

Sooke Fine Arts Show

Year: 2015

Artist guidelines: Artwork must be original, completed in the last 18 months and not shown locally in another major juried art show in Greater Victoria. All artwork must be of a high calibre and display a good understanding of the medium. Artwork must be the original creation of the artist, with an emphasis on technical ability as well as artistic accomplishment. Work that features new methods and ideas, that is advanced, inventive and displays creativity is encouraged. Roughly 375 pieces will be chosen for exhibition by our jurors from among more than 1400 submissions. Artists’ work is anonymous during the jurying process to ensure impartiality and individual works are selected on their merits.

Spirit Bears in the city, Victoria BC

Year: 2007

Local artists partnered with sponsoring Individuals or organizations to create a unique design and apply it to the surface of an eight-foot custom formed fiberglass Bear. Bears were then displayed in prominent public spaces around the cities, with the majority in the downtown business cores. A project sponsored by the BC Lion's Society. Each artist selected had to go through a process of submitting a portfolio and being sponsored by a business. I was sponsored twice, by HSBC and Happy Camper's Daycare.