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Rise of Venus 
Acrylic on canvas 16x20'
prints only
prints only, please contact

Painted Lion
Original on canvas
Acrylic and charcoal  36x40'
prints only, please contact

Cosmic kiss, acrylic on canvas
prints only, please contact
Wonder, acrylic and pastel on canvas
prints only, please contact
Portfolio Vibrance 

Year: 2016

Artist objective: to expand the palette and try a new style and technique using bold colours and contrast. And to bring about a sense of wonder in the self.

Artist process: Most of this portfolio required a wash for the back drop. The colour scheme was similiar and mostly primary. The artwork came out to be extremely feminine and soft, even though it reveals such boldness and vibrance in colour and contrast. The final touch was applying the soft coloured charcoal for blending or softness in the face, and high definition/contrast to the shadows.

Medium: acrylic, soft coloured charcoal

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Lady Widow, a portrait

Year: 2014

Medium: acrylic

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King Akhenaten, A portrait of a King
Original on canvas
Acrylic and charcoal
prints only
Queen Nefertiti, a Portrait of a Queen
Not for sale
The young King Tutankhamun
36x40' Acrylic and charcoal on canvas
$2500 (plus shipping if applicable)


Return of the King
36x40' Acrylic and charcoal on canvas
$2500 (plus shipping if applicable)
Portfolio Egypt

Year: 2004- 2016

Artist objective: to present the kings and queens of the ancient world using portraiture. To create a sense of power, strength and wonderment while staying authentic to its history.

Artist process: my journey into the ancient world consisted of years of research that stemmed from curiosity and interest to higher knowledge. Each piece was carefully planned and processed to suit the characteristics of each subject. Portfolio Egypt was my greatest artistic legacy and offered many opportunities. All of the pieces were created in a similar format using sketches, transferring the image onto canvas and then applying the back drop. I used soft charcoal for all of the portfolio which gave a soft presentation even in the darkest images.

Medium: acrylic, charcoal, gold leafing

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The Mona Lisa 2007
Not for sale
Study of the Mona Lisa
acrylic and charcoal on canvas
Study of Michelangelo's Creation of man, acrylic and charcoal on canvas
Project Renaissance

Year: 2001- 2007

Artist objective: to create a portfolio using techniques and a likeness to Leonardo Da Vinci's style in renaissance, highlighting the subject of the holy grail. 

Artist process: research is a huge part of my creative process, especially in areas on ancient Egypt, religion, spirituality and quantum physics. I begin painting the back drop in each piece, working in layers. All of these pieces are on canvas using acrylic and soft charcoal, to soften the presentation. A similar palette of earth tone's and gold was used in each piece.